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0 | 29.8.2012 | 2 years ago

Not so random thought


What does this word mean? Where does it originate?

Is it any wonder that this concept of satan and this guy Lucifer are demonized by people, considering their origins and what they generally stand for among most people? Centuries of being THE bad guy. Especially the last couple of centuries, thanks to pop culture and certain authors and well… stupidity. I don’t know what else to call it. Religious blindness? Faith? One definition of faith, after all, is taking something as it is without question. So thanks to people’s faith, they’re brainwashed to take things on faith, so they never question these concepts of satan and this guy Lucifer being “The Devil” along with the whole demonizing idea.

I am not on either side of this debate, if there is any. Cats like to sit on fences, you see. I’m just meowing on my fence in the moonlight. Take this post wherever you wish. Or nowhere at all.