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115 | 12.3.2013 | 1 year ago

DIY Suet cakes for the birds!

I made two kinds of cakes, peanut delight and mealworm medley (yum!).

The first photo shows the beginning of the process, rendering down beef suet. It stinks a bit, and has to be cooked on very low heat or it will scorch and burn. Once it’s mostly liquid, it is taken off the heat. Photo two shows the suet after some chunky natural peanut butter was mixed in. I used natural, believing that birds would rather not eat the cheap junk we eat that has the peanut oil swapped out for soybean oil. Photo three shows the seeds being added (4 cups total to batch 1). Also added some cornmeal and oatmeal. Some recipes call for flour, but I feel that flour is a bad choice for birds’ digestion. I wonder if birds would enjoy some plain flavored rice krispies maybe? Photo four shows a finished seed cake from batch one. I used recycled seed cake trays. They make great moulds, and the resulting cakes will obviously fit standard seed cake feeders. Photo five shows the beginnings of batch two. The mealworms (1 1/2 cups total) were added to the freshly rendered, still hot suet. It sizzled a little bit, but allowed for the suet to be soaked into the mealworms. These cakes are a bit of an experiment. I imagine the birds will LOVE them, but we’ll see… Photo six shows batch two all mixed together. It contains seeds, mealworms, corn meal, and oatmeal. You can see the clumps of suet that didn’t render down as the yellowish masses. Birds will tear those out of the cakes and fly away to eat them in the trees. Photo seven shows the finished cakes, chiling out in the fridge.

Once they are cold, I will wrap them in a little plastic wrap and store them in the freezer until they are needed. ‘Twas a fun project. Future ingredients I might try include: dried fruit, honey, and unsalted nuts.

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    DIY birdseed favors using the recipe above. If you just can’t stomach it, then omit the mealworms, but really, it won’t...
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