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8 | 17.3.2013 | 1 year ago

I guess they didn’t get the memo that it’s winter.

My houseplants have been busy… growing like crazy out of tiny pots that seem incapable of supporting their size. They are thirsty and demanding, demanding more each day as the sun grows stronger. They will need to be repotted as soon as I can get the supplies (which requires money + ability to get to a store that sells soil and larger pots). There will be much pruning…

The first 3 photos are all philodendrons. The first photo is actually a plant grown from the cuttings of the plant in the third photo. It’s a monster, compared to its parent. The second photo is two different varieties of philodendron vine in one pot, separated by a cardboard insert. They will be repotted into their own homes when I’m able.

Photo four is a spider plant… rooting -no, just plain GROWING- in water. I rescued three cat-chewed dying bits of spider plant (thanks, Louie). They looked incredibly sad and hopeless when I began… just stumps of leaves (think mowed grass), a few weak tiny spikes of hope poking from the center. I ripped them out of the soil and immersed part of the stems of each plant with ready-to-burst-with-new-life root nodes in water. They’ve taken off both in roots and leaves. Spiders aren’t too picky about what they’re grown in, and love water, as long as it’s kept free of algae (hence the foil on the jar).

Photo five… a child of the rescued plant (photo four), grown from babies it made years ago. It has decided this is the year it will send forth many shoots into the world. It needs to be repotted, obviously (spider plants produce “babies” when they are cramped in their pots). Spiders don’t need to be repotted often, they actually don’t mind having crowded roots. But this pot is definitely getting too small. It has to be watered daily, now.

Photo six is a norfolk pine. “Slow-growing” my arse. This thing’s a monster. It has more than doubled in size since I got it around Christmas of 2011.

Photo seven is pothos… grown to immense length. I usually don’t let them go this long. That pot is so tiny.. I don’t even know where they get the nourishment to do this anymore. Some of this plant is cuttings taken from a plant in New York. Those will be cut again, and grown into yet more plants. The parts that are just more golden pothos, I will probably throw away… I have too many goldens already.

They are taking over… Please save me before they strangle me to deathh…….

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